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it’s been awhile

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Send me a ✆ to know your name/ringtone/picture in my character’s mobile.


oh pretty please! I have perfect ones all picked out!

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Tumblr is fucking rude


Kinder didn’t seem to be her forte, and so he didn’t feel the need to give her anymore of his time. His shy personality was overshadowing his need to say anything more to the tall blonde. “Whatever, man.” He placed his earbuds back in and shifted his feet so he was again walking in the right direction.

Charlie easily could’ve stood there and argued with him all day, but for once, she was going to let him have the last word. It wasn’t worth it, and he obviously wasn’t either. With a flustered huff and a reluctant resistance to sneer “Don’t call me man,” she turned the corner and continued her walk.

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I WANT A TONY but no i’m bored and my phone died so i still want a tony

I’ll just steal it from James next time I go into work I mean he won’t notice right????

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i’m not crying you’re crying

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I haven’t left my bed all day so I guessed signing on here again for once would be a good idea so hey I guess I’ll reply to things now

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Is that a good thing, or…?


"Not when I should be studying, it isn’t."